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International Mechatronics M.Sc. (Double Degree)

Closed admission study programme

The Master of Science International Mechatronics double degree study programme with St. Petersburg is a closed admission programme. This means that all applicants meeting the formal and subject-specific admission requirements are not directly admitted to the programme. Only ten applicants are admitted to the programme each fall semester.

Should there be more applications than there are vacancies (usually 10 places are offered) a selection procedure takes place. During the selection procedure the average grade, credit points earned in certain areas of study, the letter of motivation and the language proficiency is considered.


admission requirements

application process

FAQ (PDF document, most important information)

Admission requirements


The admission regulations (jointly for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and robotics, as well as some other study programmes) can be found on the university’s main page.

All the regulations listed here can be found in the admission regulations in the respective paragraphs.

All students with a bachelor's degree in a related engineering degree may apply to the programme. These may include bachelor’s degrees in (not exclusively):

  • Mechatronics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Robotics
  • Electromechanics
  • .... 

Formal/non subject-specific admission requirements

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Bachelor’s degree (submitted with a transcript of records) in a closely related field of study. If the certificate is not yet available, at least 5/6 (83,3..(3)%) of the curriculum must be fulfilled. In this case, the candidate must submit the transcript of records with the exact specification of the credits (of the study programme) during the application and subsequently file the Bachelor's certificate. The contact persons for this matter (and in case of further questions) are staff members of the Admissions Office. It is important for applicants to note: your university has to be recognized internationally, meaning they have to have H+ status on Anabin  (s. admission regulations, §2 subs. 1, b)).
  • University Entrance Qualification (eg. school leaving certificate or High School Diploma) as a scan from the original or a certified copy
  • Proof of adequate proficiency in the English language (admissions regulations §2, subs.3). It is sufficient to substantiate level C1 (TOEFL minimum 95 points, IELTS 6.5, 9 months bilingual education at an English speaking institution not longer than 2 years ago, CAE - Certificate of Advanced English). For more detailed information, please see the following links: Applied Linguistics and Special Languages Department and Intern. Office
  • A letter of motivation must be submitted with the application documents. It is recommended to not only detail the motivation for studying in Germany, but also to detail the advantages of Double Degree programme in cooperation with Saint Petersburg University.
  • If available, an official module catalog of your Bachelors Degree from your university detailing your course contents, hours and credit.
  • Completed application form
  • Applicants from China and Vietnam (except Macao und Hongkong) need an APS-certificate
  • Copy of personal identification, i.e. passport


For Winter 2020 intake please prepare the documents according to this checklist.

Subject-specific admission requirements

As the International Mechatronics M.Sc. is a consecutive course of study (based on the Bachelor's degree programme), each applicant must fulfill the specific subject-specific requirements, that is, a number of credits in certain areas of knowledge.

The subject-specific requirements include the following requirements (see admission regulations, Annex 1):

Field of knowledge

Valid with full credit

Valid with partial credit


In general

Lectures, single or group tutorials

Labs, projects, extracurricular courses, advanced training


15 Credits

All subjects that have "mathematics" in their title, ie, knowledge areas of mathematics (e.g., "differential calculus", “Analysis“, "matrix calculations", etc.)

Electrical engineering/

Drive technology

20 Credits

Basic principles of electrical engineering (including their variation such as "theory of electromagnetic fields"), electric drives, power electronics, electrical machines (motors)

electronics (general), mechatronic systems or similar courses

Control electronics, microelectronics, logic circuits, automation

Technical Mechanics

15 Credits

Technical Mechanics or the following courses: Strength, Motion, Vibration Mechanics, Kinematics / Dynamics, Machine Dynamics

Machine theory, mechanical design, mechatronic systems or similar courses

Fluid mechanics, pneumatics, etc.

Control engineering / Measuring technology

10 Credits

Control engineering: basic, control engineering: discrete or non-linear systems, basic measurement technology (metrology)

statistics and probability

automation technology, control technology, PLC systems, control systems, logistics

With this chart, you can quickly evaluate your subject-specific eligibility to be admitted to the International Mechatronics M.Sc. study programme. The Admissions Committee carries out the examination of the subject-specific requirements during its June/July meeting. During this process, the transcript of records submitted by an applicant is analysed.

Application process

The main application formalities (forms for the application portfolio) are outlined on the main webpage of LUH.

Only the most important points are summarized here:

  • Online application via Online-Portal. The online portal will be available in April. From then on you have two months time to apply. The deadline is on 31 May.
  • Send the application form with all relevant documents to the Admissions Office of Leibniz Universität Hannover. The requirements for proper certification of documents for EU and non-EU countries can be found here.
  • Your documents are first subject to the formal examination at the Admissions Office (certification, language tests) and afterwards the subject-specific examination at the Admissions Committee.
  • The Admission Committee decides on suitable applicants, who will be invited to further take part in the application process (ca. 20-25 applicants).
  •  An entrance examination is conducted in the form of an interview (30 min) in English for all these applicants, where technical questions from the mechatronics field need to be answered.
  • The decisions from the admissions process for the admitted 10 students are released Mid-end July.
  • After successfully applying, you will have to apply for a visa for Russia as the first two semesters are spent in Russia (s. FAQs for details)

FAQ application process:

  •  Can I also apply as a mechanical engineering or electrical engineering Bachelor?

Of course, you can also apply with a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. Your subject-specific eligibility will also be examined by the Admission Committee.

  • Can I receive an estimation of the chances to be selected for the programme?

Unfortunately, an estimation of the chances to be selected is not possible, as the results inherently depend on the number of applicants and their respective suitability.